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Brigid Seay butterfly
As paint dries, it releases toxins into the air. This part of the curing process can take years. It even happens with your artwork. Fine art should add inspiration, not toxins.
Using natural fibers for canvas, 100% no VOC primer, and mineral pigments so safe that you can compost with them, Nadura safely brings fine art into your home.
Breath deep, Enjoy the beauty. Start shopping.

Reset what inspires you.

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Photo: Tarin Frantz
Nadura Art is the creative passion of local Dallas artist Brigid Seay. A native Texan and mother of 2, Brigid began this unique line of artwork based on her own life experience when art and chemistry wasn't always a perfect match.

I hope that Nadura opens the door to a lifetime of color in as safe a way as possible for my family and yours!


the artist

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Butterfly Garden

Celebrate color, light and air with a collection of non-toxic origami butterflies handmade by the artist in an acrylic or white shadowbox. Each is one-of-a-kind.

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